Monday, December 22, 2008

Earning His Keep

All I have to say is this:

If Simba had an outfit like this, my floor would be spotless ALL THE TIME. This is hilarious!

Supers In the Family

A random funny conversation I heard today between Ariel and Snow White:

Ariel: Do you know about Batman?
SW: Yes!
Ariel: Why? Batman is for boys.
me: Well, you know about him because you have a brother- SW has a brother too, so she knows about it also.
SW: Yeah! My brother does Batman!

Ariel: Your brother is Batman? Whoa.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Let Me Sum Up...

Okay, it's been a really long time since I posted! I keep thinking I should go back and do it all in order. I have cute things with Simba and Aurora as they get older, pictures of our Thanksgiving feast, other random funny conversations with the big kids... and then I get overwhelmed and I don't post at all. I may try to post some of that, or I may not get around to it.

So I'll just jump in where we are today- we're making Christmas presents for the parents. I've taken pictures of different steps of the process, and also gotten each kid to dictate the steps in the process, and so theoretically next week you should get the finished items, pictures of making it, and a hilarious "recipe" book that I suggest you don't follow exactly.

The recipes vary widely in degrees of correctness and specificity. Snow White's mom was telling me the other day that every time she asks her what she did at school today, SW tells her "I don't know." I suppose that's the early precursor to the "nothing, it was boring" answer she'll likely give in elementary school. It cracks me up though, because that was a large chunk of her recipe.

I don't know!

Honey, we just made it. You helped! Do you remember what part you worked on?


Okay good! What's in it?

I don't know...

Ariel's was very number specific and mostly correct for what she remembered, and Duchess's had more to do with what I've told them is coming up next in the process instead of what they've actually done so far. It's really fun to see how differently their minds work with the same task.

Since they may tell you "I don't know" when you ask, I don't want to put up pictures and totally spoil the surprise. Of course, they may run home and blab every detail. There's just no telling.