Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please Vote

Go here and vote for Katie, please. She's a finalist in a mama-to-be contest and I want her to win all that fabulous stuff!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Clean Sweep

I've been looking around the playroom in great disgust lately. I'm not happy with the way it's laid out. Right now I've got a section gated off that's left over from when O'Malley (I'm changing his name because I just can't get on board with calling him Berlioz. It's still an Aristocat and the kids don't read the blog anyway) and Eeyore were tiny and needed a dedicated space where they wouldn't be stepped on or "loved" too fiercely.

We don't really need space blocked off for that purpose anymore- O'Malley's almost walking and Eeyore just gave me two weeks notice. Very soon there won't be any more babies around here. I need to do a complete overhaul and rearrange. We also have a bunch of toys with pieces spread out all over and other things that nobody plays with except to stand on and jump off. And there are things that I've been keeping in the cabinet because there were too many small parts for the babies to get hold of, but that might work now.

I've been making a list of all the things that I want to do and it's fairly long. Heavy furniture needs to be moved, toys need to be sorted and cleaned, centers need to be created. I want to take a good look at what gets played with and what doesn't. I've got supply fee money from everybody this month and I need to see what else it would best be spent on. So far I've bought some sand toys and sand, and a new computer table for the iMac I want to start teaching them to use.

I think I want to move everything around and start over. And to do this myself on nights and weekends, I won't finish before O'Malley starts kindergarten. :)

So this is a call for help! Parents, friends who read, are you guys willing to spend a weekend day (or a few hours on a weeknight, for that matter!) before too long hauling stuff around and helping me out? I'll order pizza and have a big fat list of stuff to be done. I think the kids are going to be able to play so much better when they can see what we have and know where it goes. If we're going to have all big kids here, I want to raise expectations and get rid of baby stuff and train them to keep things in centers... big plans.

Please let me know if you can help me clean. :) Thanks!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Dancing

They're practicing the beginning fundamentals of cartwheels in tumbling class this week. M said that Buzz looks like he's been working on them at home- he's much better at it than the girls are. Of course, that means he forgot how to do a handstand because he wants to flip and do a cartwheel instead. But hey. Progress is progress, right?

See, Ariel, it's hand, hand, foot, foot!

Snow White practices too- hand, hand, foot, foot!

Don't y'all have the hang of this yet? I'm ready to move on to something else!
And what about me? When will I be old enough? I want to tumble too!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney Kids

It's official. I asked them what they wanted for their super secret names, and they chose to be Disney characters. Some of them surprised me and Ariel definitely didn't. :) Her brother is now Sebastian. It's a good thing he doesn't much care, because I'm not sure he would have picked that on his own, but sister insisted.

I ran through a bunch of different ideas for Buzz before he hit on it. Do you want to be Lightning McQueen? Or Prince Charming? What about Woody or Buzz?

YES! I be Buzz Ightear! In infitty anddeyond!

Excellent then. Well done and off you go. Then we have an assortment of princesses and several Aristocats. And they named the baby Eeyore, which does not really suit his personality but oh well. Life is good.

The Blog is Back!

I got so tired of not being able to blog about the kiddos. So I'm back! I've got a completely new and more anonymous site and hopefully no weird things will happen this time. Plus I got a new camera!! I'm finally going to be able to take good pictures.

Should I use pretend names for the kids, do you think?