Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Thanksgiving Recap

I did post earlier about some of our prep work for the feast. I think it turned out fairly well. All the kids except for baby Aurora (who slept through the whole thing anyway!) were able to have at least one family member who came for lunch, and we had a lot of fun.

On the menu:
~cornbread dressing
~creamy fried confetti corn
~mashed potatoes
~green beans
~caramel pumpkin cheesecake (from the pioneer woman's recipe)

I think there was some other stuff too but it's been too long and now I don't remember.

Supervised Visits As We Grow Older...

Back in November, Aurora got really good at sitting in the Bumbo chair just about the same time that Simba got the hang of crawling. That boy has been on the prowl nonstop ever since! He really wanted to come over and visit Aurora in an upclose and personal way, so I kept having to scoot her over. They had a lot of fun watching each other though- I think that this was one of the first days that Simba even really noticed there was another baby in the house.

In other "wow aren't we getting big" news, O'Malley is tumbling with the big kids on Tuesdays now. It's really fun to watch as they go from being so tiny to being able to bear walk and scoot-scoot and do all the cool physical activities Mimmie does with them.

Beginning the Catch Up!

It is Tuesday. The big kids are dancing with Miss Mimmie, Aurora is sleeping, and Simba is home sick. The kitchen is clean. Therefore, I plan to take the next little while to post on this poor neglected blog! Hopefully I can get a lot done. Usually I hate to post more than once a day because people tend to not see them, but man. We gotta lotta stuff to discuss!

First. I love this post about early homeschooling. This describes a lot of what we do around here, and makes me feel better yet again about not sending home an art project every day. Lots is happening in those early years!

Okay. Off to find pictures and pull together some posts!