Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Stream of Consciousness

My little people chatter all day long.  Some of them never stop talking- not while they eat, while they play, or while they're in bed- right up until they fall asleep mid-sentence.  I like to talk too.  Most of the time this works out nicely.  They tell me things, I ask more questions, and life carries on.  Other times I'm in the middle of something and not paying 100% attention so they trail along behind me talking and talking.

Today I was trying to get dinner going.  It takes all day and I forgot to rinse the beans last night so I was setting them up for a quick soak.  I had help.

"Kelli?  Whatcha doing?  Those are beans?  What beans?  Pin- TOE beans?  Oh. You put water?  You cook them?  Is that a clock?  oh, a scale?  You get beans?  I have nipple!"

At that point I did a double take and stopped my bean patter.  Sure enough, she's standing there pointing at it.

"Actually, you have two of them."  I mean really, what else is there to say at that point?

"Oh!  Yes!  I have two nipples!  I cook beans with you?"

And we're off and running again.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Friday Focus: Lady

Lady is my oldest kid!  I know I say all the time how quickly it flies by, but it's so true.  She's getting ready to graduate and it seems like just yesterday that she was a new baby. 

I have trouble getting good pictures of her because she usually lunges forward and wants to look at the picture on my phone before I've finished taking it, so I get big chunks of nose and forehead, or else her eyes are closed.  This one turned out really well though, finally!

She's not one of my more adventurous eaters.  This was Green Eggs and Ham day.  Note the clean spoon and untouched food.  Milk maid at work.  She'd probably drink a gallon a day if I let her!

The story of this picture makes me laugh- she was fixing breakfast with various plastic peppers and asked Mater to come sit down by her.  He did.  And then she gave me this look, like "you see what I have to work with here?"  I'm not sure if she thought he should sit in a different place or what, but he did exactly what she asked and then it made her mad.

This one happened this morning- it's not really a great picture of her, although it's more representative of the type of shots I generally get.  She was engineering a "let's hide from Kelli" game and had everybody bring the chairs in.  They were all lining them up in a row and then they stood behind them.  They didn't sit or crouch or anything.  But their legs were behind chairs and I guess that meant I wasn't supposed to see them at all.

Then they yelled, "We hiding!!" at me for about ten minutes while they laughed. 

She likes to be the queen bee, but if somebody else comes up with an idea, she's a good team player too.  I think she has a good balance there.  She plays really well with Girl Friday, who is about four months older and is getting into actual play with friends, rather than just the parallel play that a lot of the kids here do.  She's going to have an amazing time when she gets to her new school and is one of the younger ones- she'll have no trouble keeping up with the older kids and will LOVE all the new stuff she gets to do.  I'm excited for her!!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Reasons My Friends Are Crying

On facebook last night I saw this blog called Reasons My Son is Crying.  Basically it's just pictures of him crying, with very straightforward captions underneath.  If you've spent any time at all around a toddler, you will recognize these as absolutely true, and the more of them in a row I read, the funnier they get.

Now of course, it would be a bad thing to make your kid cry just to take his picture, or to keep from giving him things he legitimately needs, or do things that are unsafe.  But there's really no sense that any of that is going on.  It's stuff like "This milk is not juice."  "He asked me to butter his rice.  I buttered his rice."  He probably asked his mom twenty five times to butter the rice, and the instant it was done he changed his mind.  It's a very accurate depiction of life with little kids.

And wow, it looks like they're on Good Morning America because of this.  On the one hand, I wish I'd thought of doing it first with my kids, and on the other hand, wow, that's a lot of pictures of the poor kid crying.  I feel like they need a companion blog where they show him eating cotton candy and running around with unicorns.  And I hope it makes them some money, because those boys are gonna be mortified by this whole thing in about 13 years.

Crying kids that don't belong to me are a different story though.  Yes, you know intellectually that your child probably has a tantrum or cries at daycare at some point.  You don't really need to see pictoral evidence of it though.  If Duchess and O'Malley had been in daycare as toddlers, I doubt I'd have wanted pictures of that. Even now, if the kindergarten class did something like this, I'd be sad that O'Malley cried at school.  There's too much mom guilt in the world already for that!  This blog is for cute things and art and funny anecdotes, not for sad faces.  However, I have been captioning some of our little episodes in my head this morning.  And like the dad said in the video, this are tiny things that last about seven seconds and then the kids get happy and move on.

Actually, it's made for a very cheerful day so far (at least for me) because crying is not bothering me one little bit.  Thinking of interesting captions is a lot more entertaining than getting frustrated by whining. When you break it down to such a small thing, it's actually easier to be sympathetic.  You wanted to be naked.  Kelli made you put on your pants.  Yeah, that's sad.  But look!  Now you have pants on and we can go play!  It makes a lot of things easily fixable and gives me more patience even if it's not fixable.  He still can't hold his shoe while he walks around wearing it.  But he wants to and I get that.  :)

So here's my morning:

  • The block I threw up in the air fell down and hit me in the head.
  • Ms Kelli cleaned the smelly poop off my leg.  Oh, and my hand now too.
  • I just realized that I can't reach the shoe I tossed over the gate half an hour ago.
  • I can't find the otoscope.  (And yes, she was saying that as she cried)
  • I asked him to sit down next to me.  Now he is sitting next to me.
  • The movie that I asked to watch is on.
  • The second helping of breakfast that I asked for repeatedly is in front of me.
  • I want to run around naked and Ms Kelli made me put on my pants.
  •  I just woke up from a long nap and I am starving.  Ms Kelli is feeding me.
  • I want to hold my shoe while I wear it.
  • My friend is sitting beside me, not touching or bothering me in any way.
  • I am convinced the cup I left in the playroom is in the fridge.
  • This water is not milk.
  • This water is not milk.
  • This water is not milk.

Instead of sad, here's this.  I've never had a big kid fall asleep upright in a chair before.  They used to do it all the time in the little buckle chairs with the tray, but this is a first.  Remy was super sleepy this morning!

Of course, as soon as I laid him down in bed he popped right up and was mad.  I could have titled another one.  "She put me to bed because I fell asleep in my plate."  And seven seconds later, back down and asleep in the bed.  Love my Remy boy.

Monday, April 8, 2013


There's not been anything especially new or exciting the past couple weeks- but every day is fun.  We've been working with Mr. Potato Head more lately- they are all enjoying it a lot, even Merryweather, who can sit up on her own for a couple minutes now.  She's been thinking she's one of the big kids now that I have Merida.  It's really amazing how fast kids get skills.  She loves to sit in the living room with a bucket of toys to practice her grabbing and sitting.

And really, Mr. Potato Head just never gets old.  We spent a large portion of the morning discussing body parts and making real faces and silly ones.

Alice is convinced that she is Doc McStuffins. It pleases her greatly. She wore that stethoscope all morning.

Merryweather watches the boys with wide-eyed interest.  They move too fast to even take a clear picture.

I also was able to take them out a couple days last week in the new stroller.  I love the view both looking down and looking out.  :)  My kids are teaching the walking ones what to do.  (I used to call my big kids the walkers, but after the Walking Dead I just can't do it.)  Only as far as the next mailbox if a big kid is running with you, otherwise stay with the stroller.  Freeze your feet when a car comes.  Don't touch dogs.  All that good stuff....

Alice, on her way back to give me a high five.  Mater and O'Malley stomping acorns up ahead.  All is right with the world.

Baby toes!  Best thing ever.

And as previously mentioned, here's Merryweather hanging out in the living room with her own personal toys.  She's getting pretty good at the sitting thing.

One of the most fun things about Mr. Potato Head is trying to wear the glasses on your own head.  It never works well, but it continues to be super cool to try.