Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday Focus: Perdita

Just because Perdita is the youngest kiddo we have right now- don't you dare make the mistake of thinking she's a baby. She might look vaguely like one in this picture, but she is a force to be reckoned with.

In just a month or so, she grew tons of hair.  It's much longer than it was even just at her birthday.  She very much enjoys her food- besides rubbing it IN her hair, she sticks it to her forehead.  I believe that's ground beef there.  It's definitely a fabulous plaything, even if sometimes she doesn't use it for nutritional value.

Sister is a mountain goat of the first degree.  It is very difficult to get her to keep her feet on the floor lately.  You turn your back for one second and she's leaping through the air like a gazelle.  The worst thing is that when she's standing on the couch, she DIVES as soon as she realizes you're looking at her.  One of these days I'm worried she's gonna misjudge the edge of the cushions and hit the floor hard.  So far though, she's golden.  She's also a big dancer.  I always ask her if she'd like fries with her shake.  She's got some hip moves working.  She also knows all the motions to the Wheels on the Bus song and comes running when she hears it.

She and my girl Duchess still have an ongoing love affair.  Pretty sure Duchess would be totally fine if Perdita's parents never came back to pick her up.  Perdita feels the same way- she and I can be flirting and playing and she's happy in my arms, and the second Duchess walks in I am dogmeat.  She can't get away from me fast enough as she flings herself toward my daughter.  It's funny. 

She and Alice have also become very good friends.  Both of them seem to think that the other is the only person in the playroom worth playing with.  They cook and clean and dance and sing.  It's very cute.  I hear that Alice does quite a bit of talking about Perdita at home on the weekends as well, and Perdita said Alice's name yesterday.  I think she's about to hit a vocabulary explosion herself.

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