Friday, September 9, 2016

Baby Life

Well, it's certainly been different around here the past few months.  It's a little quieter, except the minutes that are very loud.  Life with infants is like that.  :) I have three adorable little girls right now and only two of them have picture permission from their families, so I don't have a ton of things to post.  When I was keeping bigger kids, it was always easy to come up with more anecdotes and funny things they said, and talk about crafts and curriculum.  With my littles, we snuggle.  We sing.  We stack up blocks.  It's pretty repetitive, and not as snapshot worthy every single day.  I'm loving it a whole lot.

I've got a new little girl scheduled to arrive in February and another of as yet undetermined gender around that time as well.  Maybe we'll break up this girl streak and maybe not!  Then we'll be settled in here til probably July or August 2017 before my biggest little flies the nest.  :) It feels weird but nice to have my crew locked down!