Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What We've Been Lacking

During our circle time we do wall work. While we sing the calendar song we put up the numbers and talk about birthdays. While the days of the week song is on we talk about that. Et cetera. I usually pause the alphabet song so we can do our alphabet chart. They love it. We pick three letters every day to highlight, talk about the sounds they make and whose name might start with that letter, and then go over all the pictures that belong in the row.

It's a chart kind of like this- that might make more sense.... We also have the soup can sorters.

So today they picked L, R, and P to do. We know a couple L people, and we chatted about them and then started going through the pictures. Hercules was really paying attention and participating today. YOG! Dat is a YOG! Yes, it's a log! And look, a... what is dat? That's a letter. OH! A YETTER! And then I pull out the picture of the lamp. What's this one?


I had to stop and sit down on the floor I was laughing so hard. I had no idea we were missing cowbell in our daily routine, but clearly? We need more cowbell.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Focus: Hercules

Hercules is getting big! He's the second oldest kid here that doesn't belong to me or Kanga. He goes back and forth between being sure he rules the roost and bossing everyone around, and still wanting to be a baby and fall on the floor and cry when somebody looks at him. :) Fairly typical for this age. He's completely capable of lots of communication- when he comes to me crying and pointing, I say "use your words" and then I get, "Please stop! Lady! No jump on Hercules! Get out of here! NO like dat!"

His vocabulary is making me laugh these days. He's picked up a bunch of phrases that sound funny coming out of a small person. "Lemme see dat!" is one we hear a lot. And the other day when I handed him his bowl of breakfast I told him it was still hot and he should be careful, so he walked it to the table telling himself, "It's super hot, baby! super hot!" I can totally hear myself and also his mom in that.

He and Tigger are definitely still partners in crime. One of their favorite things to do right now is march (or run) back and forth between the kitchen and the playroom with buckets on their heads. The hard part is trying to keep them from sharing with their friends. If they think we aren't looking, suddenly Perdita or Copper has a bucket on their head too.

They also like to play puppy dog. And oh my goodness I love this picture.

He goes and goes until he runs out of steam, and then he is DONE. He's not really one that fights us about going to bed. Usually he just finds a corner of the rug or lays out on the couch and goes to sleep on his own for a little cat nap. One time he even went to sleep standing up with his head leaning over on the couch. I can't find that picture for some reason, but it was pretty hilarious.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More Seuss

Tuesday was Green Eggs and Ham day. Of course we made skillet for breakfast with green food coloring. Potato, pepper, onion, ham, and scrambled eggs. Most of the kids really enjoyed it.

Tarzan did eat two bowls. I just caught him chewing or something. :)

Pretty sure I shouldn't be eating this, but it's tasty so here I go!

I do so like green eggs and ham, Thank you thank you Sam I am!

And of course, since I recently said Mater loves breakfast and eats a ton, he had to prove me wrong today. He was highly disturbed that the eggs were green. He would not eat them off his tray, instead he cried and said no way. He does not like green eggs and ham, he does not like them Sam I am!!

During the week we also read Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, and Cat in the Hat. Tod and Copper's big brother was the Cat in the Hat for Halloween last year so they brought me the hat and bowtie and gloves. I also have a fish in the pot puppet. That day was lots of fun. It was also Dr. Seuss's actual birthday, and celebration days for O'Malley and Alice as well, turning five and one. My plan was to make these cool Thing One and Thing Two cupcakes I saw on pinterest, where you use blue cotton candy for the topping. But I couldn't find any, and let's face it, as long as there's cake, the kids don't care what it looks like.

So there we go, silly silly Seuss week in the bag. My kids went and saw the Lorax that weekend too. Pretty environmental topic for a book written in 1971. I'd never actually read it so wasn't expecting that. And his 91 year old widow was a producer. Kind of crazy. I assumed it was maybe a granddaughter till I googled her. Good for her to still be doing well!