Friday, October 19, 2012

Recent Funny Things

  • I drink a lot of diet coke most days.  Sometimes I burp.  Usually I blame it on my kids.  When they aren't around I try to restrain it but the other day a big one surprised me.  So I blamed it on Girl Friday.  "GF!?  Did you burp?"  She looked at me with a look I've sometimes seen on my husband's face when I ask him something stupid like do these pants make me look fat, the look that acknowledges there is no right answer to this question.  Polite girl has obviously been taught not to contradict her teacher, but she knows she didn't do it.  Mental quandary.  Finally she tells me, "Yes.  I did.  BUT YOU DID TOO!!!"
  • During our ABC work we talked about the letter that Hercules's last name starts with.  I mentioned it, and he was correcting me with the initial of his first name, so we talked through how he has several names and they start with different letters.  Then he tells me triumphantly, "Yes!  I am Hercules Middle Name Last Name, and I live in my car!!"
  • I was standing at the counter making breakfast and I see this little hand sneaking up to grab something.  I thought it was Lady because she had been standing behind me just a second ago, so I said, "Lady, what are you doing?"  And then this little pat on my bum, and Alice says in a tiny sweet voice, "Hi.  Alice."  Love the correction.  So gentle.
  • We had a lively discussion about wings, and how boys and girls do not have wings, but bats do, and birds.  Girl Friday told me, "I DO have wings!  I fly!"  And I said, "you do?  That's so silly!  Where do you keep your wings?"  And she tells me, "on the airplane!"
  • We sometimes refer to Perdita as Smalls, because a) she is, and it's funny to see how nimble she is at such a tiny size, and b) her monkey-climbing tactics lead us to say "you're killing me, smalls!"  The other day she took something from Tigger and ran, and he yelled "you're killing me, smalls" at her. 
  • Roo was talking about wanting to buy something and Kanga asked her if she had any money.  "Yes," says, "in your wallet!"
  • I put the picture right before this one on facebook, where Remy was completely full of oatmeal and needed serious grooming.  In the comments we discussed his need to return to factory settings.  I got him pretty clean, all things considered, but I had to take this picture during the process because it made me laugh a lot.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fresh Pink Baby

I am so excited!  Aurora's baby sister was born yesterday.  I know her mama will disagree, of course, but I am hoping the next six weeks fly by so I can get my hands on this girl!  Isn't she GREAT?

And it's so like mama to have the bows and fancy hats around her even in the hospital bed.  Fashionable girls, this family has!!  :)

So, in keeping with the Disney rules I've created for myself, she needs to be from Sleeping Beauty.  Obviously not Maleficent!!  I can't remember the queen's name- King Stefan, Prince Philip, and ... the queen.  Do they ever say her name?  Anyway, I'm thinking Flora, Fauna, or Merryweather.  I'm leaning toward Merryweather, partly because I like the name best, and partly because the personality is cutest.  And with a big sister like Aurora, I can see moments like this in her future:

Fashion designer mama would never say such things, but I bet big sister picks up plenty sewing tricks!

Can't wait to meet you sweet girl!!