Friday, July 30, 2010

Friday Focus- Chip

Chip is getting so big. I tend to think of him as one of the babies still, and he is definitely not that anymore. He is a big boy. And he's excited that Hercules is getting old enough to play with. They were copying each other's movements here and having such a good time.

Lately I've been having a hard time getting pictures of him because when I point the camera at him, he gets completely excited and RUNS at me. I can never take the shot before all I have is nostrils. But he's got an awesome mohawk these days that I will try to document soon.

He climbs like a monkey and gets this sheepish embarrassed look whenever he's on top of the table. Chip! Off the table, buddy! Feet on the floor! And he's all... okay. Just checking to be sure the rules didn't change. What about my bum? Can I SIT on the table at least? No? Fine then....

He's just getting out of the pointing stage, in which he would point at everything he saw and grunt at it so you'd tell him what it was. The way he pointed was hilarious- he did the Roman Salute constantly. (And oh, I love that when I googled it they called it that instead of the heil hitler thing, because that isn't so complimentary....)

We who are about to die, or win a soccer game, or get something down from the top of the cabinet, or learn a new word, salute you!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Look! A New Face!

Aurora had a great time discovering the interesting things this magnifying glass would do to her face. The fact that we laughed at her and ran for the camera didn't hurt either. The child is a born ham.

Our newest friend was slightly more interested in eating it than looking through it by the time I got there with the camera, but he was the one who started the trend and he had some awesome nose-squishing going on too.

Isn't he adorable? One of the most fun aspects of this business is the fact that when we have a space, it can fill at any time with somebody we weren't expecting. We have a few pregnant ladies who plan to bring us their babies in the next few months, and we've been talking them up and telling the kids about the new babies who will be coming, but we also had one more spot that hadn't been filled. Last Wednesday morning we got a call out of the blue and bam, fresh new pumpkin boy started that day. Love it. Keeps things new and exciting. And oh my, the boy is CUTE.

Based on first day behavior, I was thinking his blog name should be Abu, as in Aladdin's friend, "aqui, monkey boy", or possibly Tarzan or Taz. :) His momma suggested Taz as well. Thankfully he doesn't seem to be climbing near as much now that he's settling in and learning our rules. He's a cheerful boy, which is fabulous since he's at an age that is sometimes hard to start a new place. I think I'll give it another few days before we lock into a name for him- I like to explore all the options.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Saturday, July 10, 2010

How Can I Wait Until October?

I'm sure her parents want to hang on to every single day and hope it never gets to October, but I can't wait!! Check out new squishy girlie!!

Name? We have available Jasmine, Pocahontas, Tiana... who else? Olivia from Great Mouse Detective. Somebody from Bambi? Or we could branch out into cartoon shows. Minnie?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Milestones and Summer Lovin'

Look! We're getting Big!!

Hercules can sit!

Roo can commando crawl!

Tinkerbell and Esmeralda can walk (ish)! :) They're sort of in the drunken sailor stage but they're on their feet a good portion of the time at least. They immediately plop down when I go for the camera though so I don't really have a good picture of either one standing.

Aurora and Bianca are working on table etiquette. I love the stage where they hold the spoon in one hand and shovel the food in with the other hand.

Or, you know, just forgo the utensils altogether, in favor of efficiency.

They are also finally having fun playing together at the same activity, instead of each doing their own thing near each other. I love to back off and watch them to see what they do. Currently they love to steal all my kitchen towels and use them as blankets to wrap the dollies in. They dump all the dolls out and both sit in the bucket and then rock them. :)

The summer's been pretty quiet so far, lots of people on rotating vacations. Numbers are down. We've got a couple spaces to fill. But we should be getting notification that our newest tiny squishy is born soon!! Hopefully this week. Can't wait to meet her- she's starting in October, I think. Depends on when she's actually born.

We're working on letters and numbers pretty hard this summer- lots of alphabet and counting activities. It's been fun and the kids are really starting to show progress. That's always fun. Bianca's counting now and Aurora and Silvermist are singing the alphabet. It's been way too hot and buggy to go outside much, so we've just been hanging out in the house. It's nice.