Friday, April 11, 2008

China Day

We've gotten a bit behind on our "around the world" work since the weather's been so nice. I'm a huge fan of playing outside and we do that all morning when we can. So we're stretching this out a little, but that works for me because we are all loving the theme. We've done Japan Day (which I need to blog because they ate rice with chopsticks and I took pictures!), Mexico Day, and today is China. We made really cool multi-colored paper dragons out of chains that took forever!!! but looked neat. Duchess was upset with the eyes because they were made out of cotton balls and she says eyes should "be the same stuff as the face". So she's spent the next little while with crayons and paper drawing a Proper Dragon As It Should Be. It's so funny the little quirks they all have about different things.

Then we spent quite a bit of time on the Panda Cam. Ariel's totally in love with it and kept coming back to see what the panda was doing. "bamBOO! HE EATING MORE bamBOO!" I think she would have sat there for an hour, just watching him walk back and forth and eat. The only thing that would have been better is if the poor thing needed to poop. It would have made her day in a BIG way.

This afternoon we're building the Great Wall of China with our blocks, and I may see if I can find an episode of Ni Hao Kai-lan on demand to sit down and watch with them. Although since it's another beautiful day, we may go outside and fly our dragons around instead.

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