Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Pumpkin Pie

I think it has been established (although, actually I think it was on my previous blog, not this one, so I'll see if I can find pictures of the last time...) that I enjoy stripping babies and taking undignified pictures of them in large melon-type containers. :) They are just too cute, even if they get mad about it! There's such a small window of time where they fit into fruits and vegetables that I just have to go for it whenever I get the chance.

Last spring I put O'Malley and Eeyore into watermelons. Oh look, I found the pictures! Eeyore was okay with it.

O'Malley not so much.

But now it's fall!!

My sister brought her baby Peanut over today and asked me what I was going to do with my big pumpkin now that it's November. I said I should probably get rid of it, so she cut leg holes in it and scooped all the gunk out. She had that boy down to a diaper and wearing that pumpkin in less than fifteen minutes.

He was a little uneasy about it at first, but then he settled in and decided it was okay.

I love that one with the lid on his head like a hat. It only stayed on for about four seconds at a time so we had to work together to get that picture.

Yum, first taste of pumpkin. I'm pretty sure it's better cooked!

Then Aurora woke up. She's younger and I wasn't sure if it would make her really mad, but I figured it was probably a once-in-a-lifetime event, because Peanut barely fit in there. She'd definitely be too big next time watermelons are in season. So I stuck her in there too.

It was kind of heavy and I didn't want to get pumpkin guts in her hair so I just held it on there.

I love this one, she looks so serious hanging on the side like that.

She only got mad when I took her out. Maybe it felt a little slimy on her back or something? This is a great face though- it's like she's just now realizing the indignities perpetrated upon her. :) Sorry Aurora and Peanut, but this is too much fun to pass up!


GodwinFamily said...

OH!! I love it!! I only wish I did that with my kids! I can't believe how bit O'Malley is now when he was so little just a short time ago (it was last month, right?)

shoeaddict said...

I love it, too.

Also love seeing the name "Aurora" being used. I think I love it...

KatieBug said...

We did O'Malley LAST summer. Because he is gonna be 2 this March. They grow up SO fast!

You got some good shots of my Peanut! :)

Daycare Girl said...

Yeah, I always say time differently than everybody else and get confused. I would say "this spring" or "this past spring" for the one that already happened, and "last spring" for the one I guess most people would say was two years ago? I always get messed up with that.