Friday, May 15, 2009

Introducing Chip

Our youngest member of the bunch is Chip. He is Belle's little brother. I try to keep siblings in the same movie. :) So he's the little teacup, not the Rescue Ranger, for those of you keeping track at home.

It's nice to have siblings and stay in touch with families. I love how much they look alike. It's fun to remember Belle being so small, now that she's off at school and almost finished with kindergarten already.

Chip is a laidback, cheery, smily boy. Lots of fun to have around. Kanga always says she wants to tuck him in her purse at the end of the day and take him home with her.

He did cry one time. It was noteworthy and we took pictures of it, because even while crying he's just so cute.

And I realize in these pictures he's not really smiling. How silly of me. My very favorite picture of him is already up in the header though. So just peek up there.

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