Thursday, September 17, 2009

Big Girl Bianca

I haven't talked much about Bianca lately. She is getting so big! She went away for her summer vacation and came back crawling, pulling up, eating all kinds of big girl food... I love watching her.

We went walking the other day and she had a good time leaning over the side of the stroller. Apparently it was tasty.

Mr. Daycare Man, my hubby, has been around more lately and likes to play with the babies too. Bianca decided she would lick his eyebrow. I think she was trying to give him a kiss, but it looked pretty funny. Very sweet though.

Her daddy came to pick her up one day this week and got here while I was changing her diaper. She started twisting around trying to get to him, and I was doing all the cheerful commentary stuff, "Oh look Bianca, Daddy's here, say Hi Daddy!" And she totally did! It came out sounding like "ha da da" but it was definitely words. Way to make your dad's day, B! :)

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