Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My Princess Aurora is crying. Granted, it's nearly lunch time, nearly nap time... two good reasons for a small girl to feel cranky. I was in here fixing lunch and she started up, so I went into the playroom. She was just standing there and all six other big kids were watching Magic School Bus and not paying attention. I asked Ariel if she knew why Aurora is sad and she didn't. Which is amazing, actually, because she pretty much knows everything that is happening in the playroom at all times. Therefore I was leaning toward one of the hungry/tired reasons.

Enter O'Malley.

He leans over to me, holding his favorite plastic hammer and says, "I know why she sad. Because I didn't hit her. Ummm.... I think Mulan hit her....."

Poor Mulan- she looked very startled. It wasn't her. I'm just not sure if it was O'Malley. He definitely sounds guilty though.

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