Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Focus: Aurora

This will be the last focus on Aurora! She's got two more weeks here and then she's off to preschool after the holiday. It's very weird to think of her being gone, since she's been here since she was six weeks old.

Teeny baby girl!
Big girl, eating cupcakes for Tarzan's birthday last month.

She's going to do such a great job at preschool. Most moms are apprehensive when their child leaves our program, and Aurora's is no exception. :) But really, for the most part, at three a kid is ready to go. When they get to the new place, they're one of the youngest instead of the oldest, and they learn SO MUCH in an amazingly short time. All the prep work that we do here suddenly clicks, and they're magically potty trained and practically reading. They're ready for field trips and computer time and they're so happy to be at big kid school. We work really hard on lots of things here, but being in a class where everybody is close to your age and ALL activities are geared toward that makes a big difference. Aurora is going to be in hog heaven in their huge kitchen area, and that makes me smile.

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