Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Focus: Mater

Mater has become quite the big boy lately. He runs all around, flirts with the ladies, sings and dances during circle time, and otherwise proves that nobody better mistake him for a baby.

I really love the fancy threads. Grandma got him the whole outfit for Christmas and he wore it here one day to show off, even it's a bit more formal than he usually wears. SO cute.

Lady was quite enamored with him too- they played peek a boo a lot that day and it was super cute to watch. They took turns peeking around the corner and laughing hysterically.

Eating breakfast is one of his very favorite things to do here. Lunch is kind of hit or miss, depending on what we're having, but he pretty much always eats more breakfast than anyone else. Some days that includes me and Kanga. This picture is blurry because he was signing "more" so ferociously. See the worried look on his face? He was afraid I might cut him off at only three bowls of oatmeal. Seriously. Sometimes it's all he eats for the day, but the kid packs in the breakfast! He doesn't often remind me of the Disney Mater, but in this case it's like the part in Cars 2 where Mater is fussing at the guy who only wants to give him a tiny bit of wasabi. Oh come now, don't be stingy! :)

I enjoy just looking down the row of buckle chairs. So many cutie pies in one place...

Today he did big kid art with us. It was the first time I let him paint and so he needed a bit of supervision, but he did some cute thumbprint apples for our Dr. Seuss week crafts. He was extremely pleased with himself.

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