Thursday, November 15, 2012

Friday Focus: Roo

I think this may be the last post I do on Roo.  She's old.  :)  I haven't done one on Duchess or O'Malley in a really long time- they're off at school and they like their privacy.  MOM! You're not going to blog that are you?  Definitely don't put it on Facebook!!  And Roo is starting to be the same.  She's off at school every morning, and is busy hanging out with her Kunyai many afternoons.  I think she was only here 8 afternoons the whole month of October.  It's Thursday and I haven't seen her yet so far this week.

Roo turned four a few months back and is very much following the pattern I remember of four year old girls from Duchess and Belle.  For the most part, she's inquisitive, helpful, funny, and TALKATIVE.  And then she throws in such utter sass and disrespect that you want to find a large stick to whack her with.  And did I mention she never stops talking?  Never.  There are no secrets with this one.  Talking to her is so much fun though, and she's able to carry on real conversations with insight and witty remarks.  Plus she's in the "actually" stage, which is always a bonus in my book.  And she taps her chin with one finger and says, "I think..." before a lot of her sentences.  "I think... we have noodles and meatballs for dinner, mama."

Kanga went to parent conferences at school a few weeks ago and some of the anecdotes she heard are hilarious.  In the mornings, the kids all meet in the cafeteria to eat breakfast and hang out, and then when the bell rings they walk to class.  Teacher said that Roo wheels herself down the hall very slowly because she loves to be the last one into the classroom.  She stops in the doorway and yells, "Good morning everybody!  I'm HERE!!!"  Every.Single.Morning.  :) 

I don't get to see a lot of her therapy progress anymore, since it's all at school and the ECI ladies don't come to my house.  I hear she's getting really fast with her wheelchair though, and also walking the length of long hallways with her walker.  Here she's still our slithery snake.  She must have wicked upper body strength by now.  She's super fast at the commando crawl.  She'll go up on all fours and crawl if you ask her to, but it makes her tired a lot quicker and she prefers the slither.  Downside to this approach is losing your pants.  She still leaves them behind a majority of the time.  She's very slender and it's hard for Kanga to find pants that fit around the middle anyway, and then dragging her lower half on the floor like she does- off they go.  SO many times she comes into the kitchen and I say, "ROO!  Where are your pants?"  And sometimes she'll say, "They in the playroom.  Can you go get them?"  And if we suggest that she should be the one to get them?  "Oh actually?  I can't.  Because I have no pants!"  Circular logic if I've ever heard it, but it works for her.

This picture makes me laugh out loud and go "Riiiiiiii-cola" every single time I look at it.  She made herself hysterical blasting crazy noises into that pool noodle.

Kanga and Tigger were busy the day of Aurora's birthday party and so I took Roo with me when I took my kids.  It was SO much fun to get to have her out and about.  It was at a tea room and they got to dress up and have tea and then did a parade around the square outside.  She had a blast!

 Wings and a crown!

 Do you take one lump or two?

Duchess and Roo, making their way around the square.  O'Malley's along for the ride but not super excited about being the only boy at a tea party, even if he is the prince. 

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