Tuesday, December 4, 2012

File Under: Best Thing I've Heard All Day

So Kanga called me today on her way home from work.  It's very weird to even say that.  Day one went well- she likes her coworkers, got to go out to lunch, and didn't change even one poopy diaper.  (Very different from my day!  Although I do enjoy the people I work for.  :)  ) 

She worked in the filing room this afternoon, getting acquainted with some of the clients and whatnot.  She said at one point she just felt everyone stop working, and looked up to find everyone staring at her.

*the first thing I thought was OH NO!  I was kidding when I said that about passing gas in your next job!!!*

And a nice man leaned over and said, "Did you know you're singing while you work?"

Well, no.  She didn't realize that.  And what was she singing?  "There's a party in my tummy!  So yummy!  So yummy!"

complete with head movements.

my work here is done.

Thankfully she does great work even with a party in her tummy.  Bring on day two!!

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