Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Focus: Merryweather

I'm going to do my best to get Friday Focus started again!  I've lost track of where I was or who should be next, so I'm going by age order and starting with Merryweather.

This child explodes with personality.  She is delightful and goofy and sassy.  Hot Sports Opinions on just about everything, and always ready for a hug and a snuggle.  I will say I am ready for her to be out of the stage where she can stand on tiptoe and reach up to pull things off the counter.  She can't see them, and just figures there's probably something good she needs up there.  My kids leave their breakfast dishes on the table sometimes when they go off to school and I've had to clean leftover cereal and milk and glasses of water up quite a bit lately.  She does it while I'm cooking lunch too and I have to do a dance to keep the cutting board back far enough that she can't get it, but still stand away from it.  She tries to weasel her way between the cabinet and my legs most of the time and wants to squish her head.  I have to leave space.

Evidence of her head, pre-squishing.  Not sure what she was doing with her hood in this picture but I have a whole series of them.  Odd.

What?  I'm not trying to climb on the couch.  For real.

Lunch is very tiring.  Sometimes you just have to take a little nap.

She's decided she loves this duck.  I don't understand the fascination with it, but when I had Lady last year, she loved it too.  I had to keep it in her box because she wanted to sleep with it at naptime.  Merryweather can't quite quack yet but she makes a funny attempt at it.

We went outside several days this week since the weather is finally nice.  I got the stroller out for the babies who are too little to sit in the grass and she would NOT believe me that we weren't taking a walk.  She thought I was gonna take everyone else out and leave her there in the yard, I think.  She insisted on getting in.  Then she realized I wasn't kidding and the stroller was just going to be sitting there with babies in it while Merida ran around the yard without her.  This is the face I got.  I'm pretty sure she's wishing bad things upon me.  :)

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