Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Focus: Merida

We're living on borrowed time with Miss Merida these days- she's already got a June graduation date set.  A space is opening up at the preschool where her big sisters go and they're willing to take her early.  We are less willing to give her up and will miss her lots, but I completely understand the reality of wanting to have all siblings at the same location.  It will make pickup and dropoff so much easier for her family. 

So with only a couple months left, we're just trying to eat her up every day.  I love this kid.  She's so funny and her little personality is just so original.  Right now she's really enjoying the growl.  We try to set her up for success by reading lots of books and playing with wild animals- lions and tigers.  She really wants the horses and cows to growl too though.  She roars and growls at everything that moves and then falls down laughing.  I'm trying to transition it into a vroom noise for cars too- that works on occasion but mostly it's very lionesque. 

She's super lovey and will look for people who need hugs.  She likes to sneak up on us from the back and tackle our legs, and her favorite thing is for me to lie on the floor so she can jump on my back and pounce.  It makes her really happy when I pretend she's killing me and make OOF noises while she bounces.  Sometimes I don't have to pretend all that much.  She's energetic!  :)

She's our best eater- loves grape tomatoes and peas, we've discovered lately, so there's been a lot of that on the menu.  It's always nice to find veggies the kids will eat. 

No pictures for you, sorry.  :)  You'll have to just keep imagining her gloriousness.

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