Thursday, May 1, 2014


Life is good, you know?  It just is.  Some days have crazy chaotic patches, but don't they all?  I'm really, REALLY enjoying my job right now.  We're working on getting full and the days are busy and loud but it's so much fun. 

Merida was getting picked up the other day and we were talking about her graduation.  I said she was fabulous and wonderful and I'd keep her longer if I could because every day with her is so great.  Her dad kinda gave me the eyebrow and was like "really?  I mean, she's not THAT awesome.  She's got her moments."  Well, okay, yeah.  Of course she does.  Sometimes she throws herself down on the floor and cries because I'm fussing at one of her friends.  She's so tender that it hurts her feelings too.  Sometimes she gets her finger bitten because she will NOT keep it out of other people's faces and they retaliate.  There are other moments that aren't awesome, with her and with all my little people.  But it's still such a privilege to get to spend the day with them. 

I had a morning a couple weeks ago that was absolutely insane.  It was the kind of thing that I could have written one of those hilarous/pathetic posts about if I'd just put up a list of everything that happened.  It made this gig look like the worst job in the world.  It was so loud.  Nobody was happy.  It felt like playing whack-a-mole where you fix one small problem and four more pop up at once.  I realized about an hour after dropoff that it was so crazy that one of the dads blew kisses at ME instead of his kid like he usually does, and I BLEW THEM BACK AT HIM without a second thought.  I'm usually not in the habit of blowing kisses at other people's husbands, I swear.  And neither of us even noticed- the noise level just threw normal out the window. 

But you know what?  I remember that morning just because of how funny it felt later, and I can't recall any of the individual bad/annoying things that happened.  We lived through it, and the day ended up on a great note.  It is easy to have a good day at this job.  The key is ME.  There is not a baby on the earth that cries just because they want to frustrate the grownups in their lives.  People always tell me I must have the patience of a saint, but I don't feel like I have any more than anyone else.  It's just all in the mindset.  At work, your job is to figure out what people need, and get it done.  I think that applies no matter what your career field is.  In this job, I am good at figuring out what babies need and it makes me happy to make them happy.  Even if it looks to me like there is NO reason they're screaming, they have what they consider to be a very good reason.  I figure it out, I fix it, and it's all good.  On a basic level, it's very satisfying.  Whether they're hungry, need a diaper change, tired, fell down, or just mad that they have to wait while I fix other people's problems, they're not trying to vex me.  They're trying to communicate.  My job is to help let them know how to do that effectively, and to give them what they need.

That, and a drop of Joy essential oil on my feet every morning, is the key to being content.  Dancing to the Beatles helps.  Tickling babies helps too.  Life is just really great.  Take advantage. 

And keep people who smile constantly around you at all times.  That's the most fun.  :)  Love me some Flynn!  Gotta get him to work on his smolder next....

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