Monday, February 18, 2008

Disney Kids

It's official. I asked them what they wanted for their super secret names, and they chose to be Disney characters. Some of them surprised me and Ariel definitely didn't. :) Her brother is now Sebastian. It's a good thing he doesn't much care, because I'm not sure he would have picked that on his own, but sister insisted.

I ran through a bunch of different ideas for Buzz before he hit on it. Do you want to be Lightning McQueen? Or Prince Charming? What about Woody or Buzz?

YES! I be Buzz Ightear! In infitty anddeyond!

Excellent then. Well done and off you go. Then we have an assortment of princesses and several Aristocats. And they named the baby Eeyore, which does not really suit his personality but oh well. Life is good.


KatieBug said...

Just who is Berlioz? I know my movies pretty well and I don't recall that one.

K in the Mirror said...

He's one of the boy Aristocats. Marie is the little white girl cat and then Berlioz and Toulouse are her brothers.