Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday Dancing

They're practicing the beginning fundamentals of cartwheels in tumbling class this week. M said that Buzz looks like he's been working on them at home- he's much better at it than the girls are. Of course, that means he forgot how to do a handstand because he wants to flip and do a cartwheel instead. But hey. Progress is progress, right?

See, Ariel, it's hand, hand, foot, foot!

Snow White practices too- hand, hand, foot, foot!

Don't y'all have the hang of this yet? I'm ready to move on to something else!
And what about me? When will I be old enough? I want to tumble too!

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juliemelissa said...

Aerial was showing me her handstands last night and Sebastian SO wants to do them too! He puts his hands and head down and babbles for me to pick up his legs so he can be like his big sister!