Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lunchtime Discussion

Oh, the ongoing things they say... makes me tired and also makes me laugh. Such fun days we have.

I made sort of macaroni and cheese for lunch. Bowties, homemade sauce, pureed sweet potato/carrot, and then I also sauteed a vidalia onion, some corn, and turkey sausage and threw that in there too. Kind of casserole, kind of mac and cheese. I like to put veggies in whenever possible, and I can sometimes trick people who don't like corn into eating it if I hide it in same colored casseroles. OH MY the deliciousness of this dish. I did not need to eat a second helping, but I couldn't stop myself.

So I'm cooking...

Tink: Is lunch ready yet?
Me: No, babe, still cooking.
Tink: mm. What are we having?
Me: mac and cheese, with some other stuff in it.
Tink: Oh. I don't like mac and cheese. It makes my tummy hurt.
Me: Sweetie, anything will make your tummy hurt if you eat four plates of it. I think maybe last time you just got too full.
Tink: Oh. yes. I will eat that.
Belle: What are we having?
Me: mac and cheese, with sausage and corn.
Me: yes you do, but you don't have to eat it as long as you don't talk about it. I know you like it though.
Belle: I'm not going to eat that.
Ariel: What are we having?
(geez, do you people not LISTEN to each other?)
Me: mac and cheese.
Ariel: I don't like mac and cheese.
Me: You would, if you'd ever try it. You like spaghetti noodles, and you like cheese. I don't know why you don't want to try it.
Ariel: Can you put my cheese on the side by it?
Me: No.
Ariel: I'm not going to eat it. Are we having anything else?
Me: Peas, I think.
Ariel: I will eat peas and go to bed.
Me: okay.
Me: O'Malley, are you hungry?
O'Malley: YAYSH.

So I finally get the stuff cooked and on the table. I give everybody a spoonful, except Ariel, who gets one noodle and a piece of sausage a little ways from it. They all hog out and ask for seconds and thirds, except of course my anti-pasta girl who ate her sausage and begged for more. The same sauce is on the noodles, which you like if they're covered in red sauce... I do not understand that girl's eating habits.

And yes, Tink ate four helpings again, and Belle decided oh, she did like sausage after all- THIS is sausage? I like this. I thought you were talking about something else. Snow White chowed, of which there was never any doubt. She's my best eater. And O'Malley rubbed it in his hair, and Sebastian ate his noodles and got mad that I wouldn't let him have more when he wouldn't eat his sausage or corn. He and his sister should get together- they sometimes eat a balanced meal between the two of them.

Now they're settled for rest, and I'm trying to not eat the rest of this stuff right out of the pan.

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shoeaddict said...

Mac n cheese with sausage? Hmmmm