Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It's hot. It's definitely time to drag out the summer standards of backyard fun. I'm pretty excited about the prospect of O'Malley and Sebastian being the only ones needing swim diapers for the sprinkler. Two years ago we had pretty much everybody in diapers and it was a big ordeal to get outside.

I bought this over the weekend. It's been sitting in the box in the living room and all the kids have noticed it and are asking when we get to use it. I think maybe tomorrow we'll do swimsuits. It seems to have something for everybody and not be too invasive. I have found that a regular sprinkler always scares somebody. Of course, this may as well; you never know with this crowd. It looks fun though!


GodwinFamily said...

I want to play in that! Sebastian hates the pool. Hopefully he'll play in the sprinkler thingy.

Shoeaddict said...

How very cool are you? I wanna come!