Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lilo and Stitch

If you've been reading awhile, you may remember the girlie I now refer to as Lilo- I used to call her Marie. That was back when I just started Disney names and wasn't trying to keep siblings together. She went home for the summer and is now back full-time with her little sister, so I needed to find a movie to put them both in.

I haven't actually seen Lilo and Stitch, but just from previews and watching these two, it seems perfect. Lilo is very dainty and particular and girly and soft-spoken. And their parents actually refer to Stitch as "Alien Girl" at home because she's everywhere, she climbs, she growls, she makes crazy alien-esque noises when you don't feed her fast enough... it's hilarious how different they are.

So. Meet Lilo and Stitch. :)

Lilo, dressing up in the princess dress...

And my girl Stitch.
Can't you just hear her making those bleh bleh noises? :)

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