Thursday, August 13, 2009

Search Engine Overload: Orca

You know those commercials out now for where they talk about what information overload is doing to us? The ones where the people just start spouting out random facts about stuff?


That would be Ariel. She cracks me up.

We were playing with the puppets the other day and one of them is a killer whale. She asked me what it was called and I said an orca. She looked completely blank so I added that it's also called a killer whale, and that there is a famous one named Shamu that she will see when she visits Sea World.

She just sat there looking at me for a minute and then things started falling out of her mouth.

"OH! An ORCA! Orcas live in the ocean. They are black and white and they like to eat fish and leatherback sea turtles are afraid of orcas!"

Go, Diego, Go is a beautiful thing. :) As long as she can remember what an orca LOOKS like, she already knows all about it.

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GodwinFamily said...

That makes total sense. That's why when I was telling her Shamu was a killer whale yesterday she was saying "No mommy. I think it's an orca." :-)