Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Aurora Thinks Produce Is Worth the Trip

I love this scene of K-Pax. I can't even remember how the movie ends, but watching him eat that banana makes me happy. I heard it was completely impromptu and that Jeff Bridges didn't know he was going to do it, which makes it even funnier.

Anyway. I have a big fruit basket on my table, and at night when we eat dinner it ends up on the floor behind the table because it inhibits eye contact and conversation. Depending on whose job it is to clear the table, sometimes we forget about it and it's still on the floor in the morning.

Nothing makes Aurora happier.

The word K-Pax has turned into a verb around here, as in, "Oh, get Aurora, she's trying to K-Pax a tangerine!" She never fails to notice when the fruit is down, and apparently she is not deterred by peels one bit. :)

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