Friday, January 8, 2010

Belated Introductions

We have Tinkerbell!! We have had her since, oh, October. I've been woefully neglectful of the blogging lately. And actually that is why I haven't blogged about other stuff as much, because I keep thinking I shouldn't talk about other things before I introduce Tink.

Tink has fabulous dimples and awesome chubby cheeks. And not so much hair. :) Her mama laments this fact and wants to borrow some of Sully's, on account of he has tons to spare. Funny story about that~ Boo, Sully's big sister, is really good with all the little babies. She was talking to Tinkerbell and looked at me with this sort of perplexed, it's-on-the-tip-of-my-tongue face and said... "What is... wrong?... with her?" I could tell it was the same kind of look that I get on my face when I can't place what's different about somebody- did they get glasses? a haircut? what's the deal?

So I explained that she looks very different from your brother, huh? Sully has lots of hair and Tinkerbell doesn't have very much, and so that is why her face looks different.

Boo is smart. She totally got it, and then got worried. "She is still VERY cute." :) She's so adorable to realize that she needed to tell us she wasn't trying to be offensive. Practically impossible, by the way. Boo is never rude.

But back to Tink, since I've derailed yet again.

She has been here awhile and is not even the youngest baby anymore, so I have LOTS of catching up to do! Three months worth of pictures, which I can't even begin to do justice to in one post. But here are a few of my favorites:

O'Malley loves her. "Mommy! She yike me a YOT! I hep FEED her!"

Wish I had gotten a bit closer to catch more dimple, but isn't the smile awesome?

Sweet little pumpkin!!

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