Thursday, January 14, 2010

Practicing With a String Bean

Ever read Bread and Jam for Frances? One of our favorites. There's a line where baby Gloria is eating green beans and Mother tells her to eat them up, because it's always good to practice on a string bean.

Here we have three stages of bean eating:

1. Tinkerbell: This is my first bean at daycare! I am so happy to be sitting up here with those big kids and I have NO IDEA that I am supposed to be putting this stuff in my mouth!

2. Chip: Really? Beans? Is that the only choice? I think maybe I will throw it on the floor. (Which he did, right after I put the camera down. Must ham it up for the camera.)

3. Stitch: Holy cow these beans are good they are the best thing I ever ate please give me more after I shovel these in my mouth kthanks....

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