Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Focus- Aurora

Aurora is just exploding these days. She looks so much older all of a sudden and her vocabulary is taking off in leaps and bounds. She was my youngest teeny baby for so long, and now she's one of the oldest of the Pink Ladies. (Kanga's term for the 5-pack of Silvermist, Aurora, Stitch, Roo, and Bianca, who move in a herd and might as well have matching jackets!)

She can sing the alphabet and count to ten and she's starting to use color words appropriately, even though they're not always correct. It's a milestone just to be able to say ANY color word when somebody asks you "what color is this?", rather than a blank stare or saying something like "milk" or "bear" just for something to say. :)

Her current obsession is babies, real or fake makes no difference. She loves to get close to Hercules and Tigger and carefully pat their feet and talk sweetly. She's not quite as gentle with the baby dolls in the playroom just yet. I guess she knows she doesn't have to be. This morning she had a whole array of things laid out on the table to play with- baby doll, bottle, towel to wrap it in, fake plastic tray with waffles and fruit... she sat in the midst of her bounty and shrieked at anyone who came close. MINE!! She was so funny about it. SHE was the mama. Nobody else should help or get remotely near, lest she move into wounded mama bear mode. I had to trot out my canned speech, which I haven't used lately but I sense coming back multiple times a day with all the Pink Ladies moving into this stage:

"No, honey, it's mine. I bought it to go in the playroom and I share with EVERYBODY. Right now it's your turn and in a minute it will be her turn, and we will all share...."

Sharing is such a hard concept to learn, because at this age it usually means "I had this thing in my hot little hand and then some grown up came along and said it was time to share and that means now my friend has MY THING." Less often do they realize when people share with *them*. It's all about the times when they're losing the object. Tough lessons.

Most of the time, she is a sunshine girl and just motors around doing her thing, singing and dancing her way through the day. This is a fun age and she's good at it.

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GodwinFamily said...

Oh, I miss Aurora. She's getting so big. The Pink Girls is funny too. Makes me want to take a day off work just to come play with the babies!