Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Focus- Silvermist

Okay, I dropped the ball last week, posted this completely empty, and then never got around to fixing it. I'm going to back post it for Friday anyway so I'm not as behind, and we'll try round two.

Silvermist has settled in extremely well now. It took her a bit longer than the ones who start when they're tiny, and sometimes she does cry at drop off for a few minutes. But give her "silkie" and a snuggle and she'll be off and running.

She's highly articulate for somebody her age and tells us new words every day. I heard her count to five this morning, which made my head snap around. Had no idea she could do that. She's got funny little ways of saying things. One of my favorites is when you ask her if she wants something, she says "please" instead of yes. If she doesn't want it, she doesn't usually tell me no. She just looks at me like, okay, what's choice number 2? And the dimples! I love when I can find something that makes her smile a LOT, just so I can keep looking at those killer dimples. They rock. This is just half a smile here- usually they pop out even more.

She and Aurora are pretty much always near each other. Sometimes Stitch or Bianca will sneak in to play too, but they're both pretty independent and do their own thing more frequently. These two are thick as thieves and they crack me up.

You will eat this. You want more bites. You really do.

Hmm. Looking at this makes it more clear why one of them went home with bite marks on her finger yesterday. It's all fun and games until you can't snatch your hand back quickly enough.

Taking care of Silvermist has cemented the idea in my mind that our niche REALLY is special diet kids. She's got quite a few allergies and limitations on her menu, and it's actually been kind of a fun challenge for me to learn to tweak my recipes to keep her safe. We're gluten free here already, and I've taken care of nut allergy and dairy allergy kids before too, but this adds a new level of awareness that I enjoy, in a strange way. I feel like having her here has really made me think about the kind of meals I serve and caused me to cook healthier- more fresh fruit and veggies, less processed foods. That's good for everybody anyway, and I like being able to keep her safe so her family doesn't have to worry. It's one of the great intrinsic perks of this job.

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