Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Focus- Stitch

Ms Stitch is generally the "still waters run deep" type. You don't hear the high-pitched shrieking from her that we get from a lot of the other Pink Ladies and she's not as vocal here. Her family says she talks up a storm at home but at school there's a lot of expressive eyebrow movement and sign language instead. She definitely gets her point across though. It's just a quieter point for the most part.

Speaking of quieter, Stitch is the younger sister of Lilo and the two couldn't be further apart in terms of personalities. Stitch only seems to be loud when in an argument with another Pink Lady over a toy or buckle chair whereas her sister seems to be more vocal over many other things. In addition, Lilo is all about princesses and pink and Stitch is all about running and climbing. She is fearless in her climbing ability and is often found in one of the baby saucers in the playroom or on top of the couch. It only takes a second but there she is, just smiling away. And if it's a baby saucer, she can climb IN but not OUT, so she plays and then hollers in her hilarious raspy alienesque voice for us to get her out. STUUUUUUCCK!!!!!

She loves her food and eats with great joy and gusto. She's also a milkmaid of the first order- would drink it all day long if we let her and likes to carry it around before we catch her and make her take it back to the kitchen. Actually, we haven't been able to find that orange cup of hers in three days and I'm afraid. Before too long the smell would lead us to it- if it belonged to anybody but her. With Stitch you can be sure that thing is empty. I'm still not looking forward to opening it though when we do find it.

It makes me laugh that she never actually says the word please~ she always signs it. You sign please with your flat palm against your chest and rub in a circle. She uses both hands and rubs all up and down her shirt furiously, which is problematic when she's asking for a third helping of the casserole she used her fingers to eat. It's a good thing her mom never brings her in fancy clothes. :)
I can't even think of any cute captions for this picture but I really love it. She's so cute.

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