Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Focus- Bianca

Miss Bianca.... funny, there are some kids who sneak up on being "grown up big kids" where you don't really notice a big change, and then there are the ones like our Bee, who start doing so many new things all. at. once. that it's a bit shocking. :) At not even 18 months, she can jump with two feet. I've never seen anybody that young be able to jump with both feet off the ground at the same time. It's one of the 24 month milestones they look at and a lot of kids can't even do it then. She climbs constantly, and loves to steal food from the big table when I'm not looking. I'm still not used to the idea that she can haul herself up on the chair, and in a split second she's on top of the table calmly pouring O'Malley's yogurt all over herself. Many clothes changes are necessary. Fortunately she has more cute outfits than the law allows, complete with bows and sandals and accessories galore, so it's never a problem.

Right now she is all about the sensory experience, using all five senses. I didn't catch a shot of her with this bucket on her head, but you see how closely she's watching Silvermist here. A few minutes later she had the bucket completely covering her head and was charging around the kitchen like a madwoman, crashing into people and falling over and laughing hysterically.

She makes a beeline for mud the second we step outside. She loves to sniff people's heads. I took that picture of her up against Mr. Daycare's head months ago, and she still does that to the kids. I'm not sure why, but it's really funny. Her babbling is extensive and elaborate and mostly unintelligible, but she's definitely got something to say and she wants us to know it.

As far as her words, the funniest thing to me is that every once in awhile she comes out with some complicated word that's absolutely perfect, just repeating something that Kanga or I say. The other day I was getting O'Malley ready for his baseball game and Bianca was watching and listening, and I got "woeithaslkhgioasd'fjdsdfj sunscreen! asldoweht sunscreen!" It's hilarious to hear a word like sunscreen so clearly from her. She just throws that kind of stuff in every now and then to keep us on our toes.

Bianca and Stitch... they may look like they're finishing their breakfast, but really these two are plotting a coup d'etat...

Counting down the many days until I get the real keys to Daddy's car.... this one will have to do till then...

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Auntie SunShine Elam said...

O'my how our little Bianca is growing! The information you share about the things she is getting into now is hilarious! I love the updates. Thanks so much.
Auntie Sunshine Elam