Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ten Apples Up On Top!

One apple, up on top.

I must admit that I am quite impressed with them and with myself, that all of them were able to get a real apple to stay on their heads long enough for a picture.

Two was a bit more tricky, but Lilo managed to do it

and Stitch gave it a valiant effort.

After that, nobody could do three. We tried real apples, pretend apples from the kitchen area, beanbags, and peek-a-blocks. We talked about how it was hard to be still so things didn't slide off, and Lilo made the connection that her hair is "fuzzy" enough that things stayed on a little longer. She said her hair was curly and fuzzy so it wasn't as slippery as some of the other kids. She sat with Bianca and tried to talk about it, but B is a little too young to make it work yet. :) It was fun though- I like watching how they try to figure things out.

So we skipped to the next fun part of the book:


Which I didn't actually have handy, but a broom is just as good.

And after that we all sat down to color our favorite page, in an attempt to make a book we might be able to put together. I don't think that part is going to happen, but they all had a good time.

Bianca and Stitch are VERY interested in coloring right now and always cry when I say it's time to put up the crayons.

O'Malley's "apples" up on top, and Stitch's interpretation of the story.

Luckily, I don't charge extra for the fine privilege of sharing my artistic talents with the kids. :) They could tell it was a lion and they were happy. That's all that matters. What can I say? I'm a trained English teacher. I love reading books and making connections with them. That does not, however, mean I am any good at art! Bianca's is just as good, I think!

Lilo was very pleased with hers- it actually has apples that she counted, and a person, and the beginnings of writing her name. She's ready to move on too- this is her last week with us. Then she's home for the summer and off to preschool.


Anonymous said...

I love this! It made me smile and laugh!

Anonymous said...

:-) Great ideas!

Have you seen "Toy Store 3" yet? It's fantastic, but you will be horrified when you see the "toddler room" in the daycare. I kept thinking, "WHERE are the