Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Milestones and Summer Lovin'

Look! We're getting Big!!

Hercules can sit!

Roo can commando crawl!

Tinkerbell and Esmeralda can walk (ish)! :) They're sort of in the drunken sailor stage but they're on their feet a good portion of the time at least. They immediately plop down when I go for the camera though so I don't really have a good picture of either one standing.

Aurora and Bianca are working on table etiquette. I love the stage where they hold the spoon in one hand and shovel the food in with the other hand.

Or, you know, just forgo the utensils altogether, in favor of efficiency.

They are also finally having fun playing together at the same activity, instead of each doing their own thing near each other. I love to back off and watch them to see what they do. Currently they love to steal all my kitchen towels and use them as blankets to wrap the dollies in. They dump all the dolls out and both sit in the bucket and then rock them. :)

The summer's been pretty quiet so far, lots of people on rotating vacations. Numbers are down. We've got a couple spaces to fill. But we should be getting notification that our newest tiny squishy is born soon!! Hopefully this week. Can't wait to meet her- she's starting in October, I think. Depends on when she's actually born.

We're working on letters and numbers pretty hard this summer- lots of alphabet and counting activities. It's been fun and the kids are really starting to show progress. That's always fun. Bianca's counting now and Aurora and Silvermist are singing the alphabet. It's been way too hot and buggy to go outside much, so we've just been hanging out in the house. It's nice.

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GodwinFamily said...

Is Roo's hair already long enough now to pull back? I can't tell if she has little clips in. She has hair like Reagan's - very soft and fine. I miss seeing all the kids. Mine are all grown up!