Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Fun Facts

Day 6 asks for fun facts. Yay! Bullet point list!!

  • I won the school-wide spelling bee in 8th grade with the word megalopolis.
  • Kanga was a child model in Singapore and was the trademarked kid for Lego. She also got offered the job to be the milk spokesperson but turned it down because she hates milk and was afraid they'd make her drink a lot of it on camera.
  • Duchess's favorite animal is the penguin.
  • O'Malley likes to prove me wrong- I said last week he was uninterested in writing but this week he's loving his schoolwork. I got him a big dry erase practice book with superheroes on it and apparently that made all the difference.
  • Silvermist comes up with elaborate imaginary scenarios that I love to go along with. She'll come in and say, "I am MAD at you!" and I'll ask why, and she'll just smile real big and come up with something crazy. "Because you smashed me into the wall!" She's great at spontaneous answers when I ask more and by the end we're both laughing hysterically. She always finishes up with, "I so silly!!!"
  • Aurora is happy with the status quo in relation to potty training right now. While I wouldn't exactly classify it as a FUN fact, I have to hide my smile when I ask if she'd like to sit on the potty and her reply is, "No. I poop in my diaper. You clean it."
  • Roo is in a big pirate phase right now and goes around yelling ARGH at everyone.
  • Stitch is extremely territorial. She's cheerful about it, but everything is MINE. Her mom thanked her for letting the family live in "my house." She brings diapers from "my Target" and wants to play with "my Silvermist".
  • Bianca calls that black and white striped animal a "beez-ra". I LOVE THAT.
  • Chip likes to grab his mama's face in both hands and smush her cheeks together when he gives her kisses.
  • Hercules has recently become fascinated with blankets. He loves to carry one around and rub his face on it. Kanga has taken to calling him Linus.
  • Tigger's Kunyai was happy when he was born because she got a grandchild that looked Asian. She tries to make him laugh a lot because when he smiles big he looks even more Asian.
  • Lady and Mater really aren't quite to the stage where I have specific fun facts about them. They're both easygoing and happy and are still in the time of life where they eat and sleep and don't do a whole lot else. :) And they look very cute while doing it.

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