Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sick of Ice

Wow. No school for the past three days here. The whole neighborhood is pretty much one solid sheet of ice. There's not even any snow to play in- you step outside and fall flat on your tail, even in the grass if you're not careful.

My hubby hasn't been able to get to work either, so we've been hanging around here getting progressively more bored. The good news is that I'm farther along on the mess that is my taxes than I've ever been at this time of the year. :) And I DO have all your statements ready- remi,nd me to give them to you when I see you. Or you can call if you need the numbers right away.

As far as scheduling goes, I don't know how the roads are outside of my very small area. I made it to the grocery store today and it took about five times as long as usual to get home. I hear it's still not so good everywhere around here. But I am tired of things being on hold and ready for it to get back to normal, so we WILL be open Friday, tomorrow, if you are able to get out and want to bring your munchkin. In addition, I've decided not to take Good Friday off this year like I generally do. Since it turns out Duchess will be in school that day and Hubs has burned a few vacation days because of this week, we won't be going anywhere like we thought. So we'll be open April 22. Hope that helps as far as this goes- the weather is such a pain.

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