Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Focus- Lady

Miss Lady is already past five months old! I both love and hate how FAST the first six months goes. I still feel like she's brand new and just got here, but she's already rolling all the way across the room and eating cereal and working on trying to sit up.

I really like this expression on her face. It's completely pleasant and cheerful, and at the same time I feel like she's looking at me and going, "really? Is THAT what you think?" I keep expecting one eyebrow to raise up really high.

She has some fabulous headgear, although sometimes she prefers to wear it as a sleep mask. Just depends on her mood and the occasion.

Other times she has to sit up for it to be properly displayed. Pretty sure this bow is as big as her head. LOVE IT. I think she was more interested in chewing on her own shoulder that morning though. And also watching O'Malley play some Wii during quiet time. :)

Lady and Mater are beginning to be interested in each other's actions. I like putting them both on their tummies facing each other and listening to them carry on a conversation. She got bored and rolled away, and I think he was trying to follow her. He looks like he really wants to get her attention here and she just isn't having any of it.

She's getting really vocal and likes to sing and talk all day. She's also beginning to have a couple of those "I'm five months old" days where she's bored with everything we try. I keep telling her to hang in there because she can almost sit up by herself, and a whole new world will open up for her as soon as that happens. She's nearly there!

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Ralph and Marilyn said...

The headband sleep mask picture just cracked me up! Love the update on her though.