Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Focus- Mater

It's Mater Man! He started right after it would have been his chronological turn for the Friday Focus so I'm just getting around to his first turn, but he's been here since January. He's three weeks younger than Lady and we've been having a great time watching him grow. He gets cuter every day. Love me some baby pudge.

He sneezes in the sunshine. I think that's one of my favorite little things about him. You step one foot outside the door and instantly he's seized with multiple sneezing. It's so cute.


I am fierce like a lion. I will fight you. Look out for me!!

This bumbo is okay for awhile, but then I try to climb out of it sideways. I don't like to be contained in it for very long!!

And apparently, although I didn't know it at the time, I was subconsciously waiting to post this until I had the "I hate carrots" series of photos we shot yesterday. I hate to laugh at the baby's expense, but wow he hates carrots. We gave him a couple more mouthfuls after he let us know clearly that he was done, just because we needed more faces from him. It made my morning.

And he wasn't crying here- he was making hairball noises and trying to hack the disgusting veggies out of his mouth. For awhile he just sat there with his tongue hanging out, trying to make sure everything had dripped off before he had to taste it again. And these are not just your ordinary carrots from the jar- they're yummy homemade organic carrot baby food made by his daddy the chef. Silly, silly Mater! :)

He loves the Jumperoo but it wears him smooth out.

What?! I wasn't sleeping! Stop laughing at me, it isn't funny at all!

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Shoeaddict said...

OH MY! This was so cute.