Monday, September 26, 2011


Okay, so I haven't done a Friday focus in about three weeks. And I even told Alice's mom that it was her turn next.. two weeks ago. So sorry, Alice and family! :) I have fallen down on the job.

She doesn't look like she's interested in forgiving me, huh? I'm pretty sure there are some rude words in that thought process. :) Either that or the breakfast is super bad.

My kids were patting and poking and calling her name and making her laugh hysterically. Of course as soon as I tried to take video she stopped laughing. Oh well.

She is on the MOVE now, all of a sudden. Just a couple weeks ago she didn't even want to sit up by herself, and now she's full-on crawling and all over the place. She also has some serious jumping skills. I like watching her in the jumperoo because she stiffens out and still gets a lot of air. Looks like Riverdance. Very proper dancing.

We haven't seen her pull up on anything here yet- no big deal because she's not even seven months old yet for goodness sakes. :) I wasn't expecting that at all, but her mom sent a picture of her pulling up at home! Baby days fly by really fast in general, but even more so when your baby goes from 0-100 in less than a month.

Such a big girl. Pushing buttons and learning how to rule the world already.

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