Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Focus: Twins!

Okay, most times they will get their own posts. I usually hate when two separate things (or in this case people) get combined. Your birthday is in late December? One present when everybody else gets two! Got twins? Only half the airspace because you gotta share with your brother. He's practically the same as you right? Yeah, no. I really hate that. But for introduction purposes and all that, and because I haven't settled on disney names for them, today they gotta share.

Seriously, how cute are they? And the novelty of having twins here has been really fun. Everybody fawns over them and they lap it up. I'm looking forward to the cooler weather so I can show them off in the stroller. Right now it's been still too hot to take them out.

I don't actually remember which one of them is the oldest. I guess I've got a 50% chance of being right if I say it's him, right? Anyway, at first he was the more serious one, although he's quick to laugh if he likes you. He's just a bit more suspicious right up front. His giggle is awesome though. He hands it out regularly now that he knows us.

And here is his brother. He gets so excited. Smily all the time. And I absolutely love his laugh- it's really low for a baby. he heh hehe.

I've been kicking around a couple of options for their blog names. I like Gus and Jaq, the little mice from Cinderella, because of the way they laugh. That's a bit obscure though, and sometimes it gets complicated using names that sound like they could be real. We've had several real- life Jacks in the past few years. But it's a possibility. The other names I like are Tod and Copper from the Fox and the Hound. I think I'm leaning toward those, but really I could go with either one. Thoughts? There's a poll on the sidebar. Please vote!!


Anonymous said...

Fox & the Hound is one of my the names!

Scott said...

How about Pooh & Piglet? (Big and Small/Jolly and Serious)

Daycare Girl said...

I like the logic on Pooh and Piglet. However, I have made silly rules that nobody but me cares about... and Kanga's family is Winnie the Pooh characters. :) I know I'll have to re-use movies eventually, but for now I'm not.

Scott said...