Thursday, January 19, 2012

Friday Focus: Lady (bug)

It's funny that I ended up calling her Lady- her family calls her bug or ladybug anyway, and I tend to call her Lady when I talk to her, as in "Hey Lady, how YOU doin'?" :) I like when the blog name I pick for a kid turns out to fit them well.

One of her favorite things to do here is eat. I didn't realize how many pictures I have of her eating until I really looked, but there are a whole bunch. Kinda makes it look like that's the only thing she does, actually. Just eat and eat, until she gets too tired...

She loves circle time right now. She and Mater come running to dance when our beginning song comes on. I've been trying to get video of them, but they're both such hams that they get right up against the camera or just stop dancing to give me cheesy smiles. Gotta catch them when they're not looking. There's a part in a few of the songs where we jump and she's working really hard on it. Jumping with both feet is one of the 24 month milestones and she's just 16ish, so she's got a ways to go yet. Couldn't tell her that though- she's convinced it'll be happening any day now. Gotta prove me wrong.

She straddles the baby day and the big kid day right now- most of the time she'd still prefer a morning nap but ends up getting one on the big kid schedule. She wants to be involved with whatever the big kids are doing for sure though..

She wasn't quite sure what to do with the hammer but she wanted to be right there while they worked!! Busy girl. Learning more every day.

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