Friday, January 6, 2012

Friday Focus: Roo

Much has happened in the life of Roo since July when I did her last post. She started preschool in September and is doing very well there. She gets to ride the bus every day and does all kinds of fun things. When the bus drops her off at home, her kunyai meets her there. Some days kunyai brings her here for the afternoon, and sometimes they hang out at home, just depending on how many kids are here and what's going on.

She still loves pirates, and wanted to be one for Halloween. Kanga got Tigger a crocodile costume so they could be like Captain Hook and the crocodile. It was really pretty awesome. Tigger had trouble walking- the hood covered a lot of his face, and one of the babies was afraid of him. I forget who but it was funny. He ran around trying to sit on his sister's legs quite a bit. I couldn't get them both in one frame because Roo is getting so long, but here they are:

I love the pirate dress. Girl pirates are super cool.

She also has a love affair with the cooking area and cupcakes in particular. I think I might have had something to do with that. I'm sort of known as the cake girl- being gluten free, whenever there's an event if I want to be able to eat dessert I have to bake it myself. So all the birthdays here, parties lots of other places, and anytime our families get together outside of daycare, I bring cake. She's always asking me if I can bake her some cupcakes and she watches me cook lunch every day too. I got her a little kitchen for her birthday and some wooden cupcakes for Christmas and Kanga says she bakes constantly. She'll put on a pot of water to boil, because that is what I do when I have no idea what's for lunch- I just figure it may involve noodles. So she thinks that all cooking starts with a pot of water. Then she'll bake cupcakes. And eat them.

"Hallobirthweenday" cupcakes for Tarzan's birthday and Halloween together. I'm not quite sure what this look on her face is. But it's funny.

Cupcake for some other occasion- I think possibly Lady's birthday.

She's not really much interested in eating these days if it isn't cake. This is the look she usually gives me as she pushes away from the table with a full bowl of food:

And this was the soup that everyone else loved SO MUCH. She wouldn't touch it, which is why in this post her brother had two different bowl colors- he ate hers when his was gone.

Roo cracks me up with the silly things she says, often by accident. When we go for walks, there are two rabbits that live in an outdoor cage down the street. We've talked to my neighbor pretty frequently and always stop to pet the rabbits as well. Their names are Ginger and Thumper and they're really cute. Now that they're used to us swarming around their cage, they let us pet them. Roo at first couldn't remember their names properly so she referred to them as Thumper and Dumper. I really can't think of a more apt name for a bunny. It makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it. We all call them Thumper and Dumper now. We were coming home from church this Sunday and passed by their house and I said that and my husband busted out laughing and just said, "I love Roo."

I think that about covers it.

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