Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What We've Been Lacking

During our circle time we do wall work. While we sing the calendar song we put up the numbers and talk about birthdays. While the days of the week song is on we talk about that. Et cetera. I usually pause the alphabet song so we can do our alphabet chart. They love it. We pick three letters every day to highlight, talk about the sounds they make and whose name might start with that letter, and then go over all the pictures that belong in the row.

It's a chart kind of like this- that might make more sense.... We also have the soup can sorters.

So today they picked L, R, and P to do. We know a couple L people, and we chatted about them and then started going through the pictures. Hercules was really paying attention and participating today. YOG! Dat is a YOG! Yes, it's a log! And look, a... what is dat? That's a letter. OH! A YETTER! And then I pull out the picture of the lamp. What's this one?


I had to stop and sit down on the floor I was laughing so hard. I had no idea we were missing cowbell in our daily routine, but clearly? We need more cowbell.

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