Saturday, May 12, 2012

Friday Focus: Alice

Miss Alice is quite the big girl now. She's been walking for months, so for her that wasn't really the defining factor. Not sure what it is, but all of a sudden she's one of the big kids and not one of the babies. She wants to be in the thick of things, whether that's on top of the table or exerting her dominance over Perdita. :) This picture totally cracks me up. They were both having a great time. Perdita was smiling until she heard me say "excuse me young lady!"  And then they both looked at me like I was crazy.


She climbs like a mountain goat already.  She's so tiny and yet so nimble.  I think she's got the perfect build and temperament to be a star gymnast if she decides she wants to do that.  I could totally picture her on the uneven bars or doing triple flips off the beam in a few years.

When we celebrated Songkran she wasn't sure at first if she wanted to get wet or really get involved in any of the craziness.  It took her a few minutes of watching before she made a decision.

Then she realized mud was a good thing.  She splashed and played and let people throw water at her.

She's got the most infectious silly grin.  I love listening to her laugh.

Alice's mom is very generous about sharing things with us that they've outgrown at home, or things that Alice isn't using.  It's funny though, seems like the last few things she's brought over because Alice won't play with at home- those have become her favorite toys here.  I'm not sure if it's just the comforting feeling of recognizing stuff from home, or maybe things look a lot more interesting once you have to wait in line to play with them.  The cup she drinks from every day here is one from home that she threw on the floor and wouldn't drink from.  The girl's got herself some strong opinions and isn't afraid to let us know, even if they change daily and are based on location.  :)

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Amber said...

You have to send us that pic of her and Perdita, made me laugh all night. Their faces are hilarious.