Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Focus: Remy

I have hardly talked about Remy at all on the blog.  He's been here since February with not much advertising.  Then for the summer he's only been coming one day a week, so I don't have very many current pictures.  He is so much fun!  Such a sunny little kid.  He's got this crinkly smile that kind of squishes up his face and is adorable. Before I got used to it I thought he was about to cry, because he tips his head a little toward his raised shoulder at the same time- almost a wince.  And then the cute squishy smile.  It's funny.

He likes to go under the table very quietly and then pop up into my lap and scare me.  He's pretty stealthy, so it actually does scare me a good majority of the time.  Then he laughs at me.

He's a pretty good eater most of the time, and his big sisters are very concerned with his intake.  It's super cute- every day when they come to pick him up they ask what he ate for breakfast and for lunch and for a snack.  :)  So nice that he has cheerleaders.

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