Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Language Smiles

With all this vocabulary explosion from so many kids, we're back into the land of fun misheard words and silly pronunciations.  It makes me happy.

Alice:  HA-YO!  (hello.)  SO happy to see us when we go in to get her up from nap.  Usually followed by, "I POOP!  BUM!"

Hercules: Have-a-doctor.  I think helicopter is my very favorite word because there are SO many silly variations of it.  He'll say, "Have a doctor and a airplane!" and for awhile I thought he was telling me that he had a doctor and an airplane.  But no.  He has a helicopter and an airplane.

Roo: Melon.  She's very big into play food and ordering off the restaurant menu and constantly asks what we'd like to eat.  Whenever we say LEMONade, it turns into melonade.

Our summer boy likes to eat "manny" for breakfast rather than banana. I always want to ask him if he's handy.  He also says "there he are" instead of "there he is", which I love because when I was in college we had friends with a little boy who said that and I haven't heard anybody do it in about 15 years. 

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Shoeaddict said...

D's are very cute, too.

Mellalade- lemonade

feel me better- make me feel better (I needa ice cream to feel me better)

sippy sippy- Mississippi- she says it correctly now but we loved this one.

Her I are- here I am

cantaloupe- stethoscope- she got a real one for her birthday last year because her aunt is a doctor