Thursday, February 28, 2013

Caterpillar Wrapup

Today we are finishing up our Very Hungry Caterpillar unit.  It's stretched out for six weeks or so and everybody has really enjoyed it.  Tomorrow we'll begin some Dr. Seuss things and then next week will be full-on Seuss week.

I've tried to record our wall reading of the book before and usually somebody starts yelling about other stuff or falls off the couch or what have you.  I was pleased that today I finally got the whole thing on tape, so to speak.  It's 3 minutes so I don't know if it will even upload, but this is what we do every day.  I read the actual book during circle time while they're sitting, and then some days they like me to use the pointer for the wall pictures so that they can retell the story.  As you can see, they all have it memorized, even though some are more verbal than others.  :)  I'm looking at you, Miss Alice who isn't even two yet!!  You have to turn the volume to hear her, but she lists off ALL the foods that the caterpillar ate on Saturday when he got a tummyache.  It's kind of impressive.

Then for lunch I served as many of the foods from the book as I could find in my kitchen.  We had apple, strawberry, orange, tiny piece of chocolate cake and a smidge of ice cream, pickle, swiss cheese, and salami.  I really, really enjoyed watching Perdita's face while she ate her pickle.  She ended up spitting it out and I couldn't catch the twisted expressions.  She looks way too normal here.

All the gang, ready to eat!

 Digging in amidst discussion.

 Lady inspecting the cheese.

Here's a closeup of the plate.  I didn't allow seconds of the chocolate, even though it really was tiny bites.  They don't need it.  A couple of them didn't even touch it anyway.  I think only Alice and Mater ate it.  They all loved the fruit, of course, and several of them really liked the salami and cheese.  Alice and Mater chowed down on thirds and fourths of pickles too.

It's kind of an unorthodox lunch, but they all had a wonderful time and it initiated lots of fun lunch discussion.  I like that.

Sending home copies of the caterpillar book today for those few who don't already own it.  Green eggs and ham for breakfast tomorrow!!!


Amber said...

That made my lunch hour.

Amber said...

That just made my lunch hour!