Thursday, February 21, 2013


Many things these days!!  Just to name a few:
  • Perdita's word for milk sounds like gnocchi.  Or sometimes nookie.
  • Alice's discussion of herself in the third person.  "Where's Alice?  What is Alice doing?  Alice's mommy loves Alice."
  • Remy is the snuggliest thing ever.  He comes over thirty times a day to lay his head on me and pat me.
  • Mater is having a letter explosion and goes around spelling out words.
  • Lady usually wears her coat all morning.  She comes around and holds out an arm for me to take it off and when I say, "would you like me to take off your coat?", she laughs and says no.  
  • Merryweather is chubby-cheeked and smiley and delicious.  She's getting really close to rolling over and I can tell she's dying to be mobile.
  • Girl Friday is the social studies nerd of the group, which I love.  She reminds me a lot of Duchess at that age- she knows presidents and songs about states and all the capitals of South American countries.  Having a history teacher parent who sings a lot will do that for you.  I need to get my map back out and have her teach the others.  :)
  • Looking forward to the upcoming enrollment of a fabulous new squishy one.  I haven't met her yet but her big sisters are adorable.  
  • We've been doing The Very Hungry Caterpillar for over a month and they're still enjoying it.  There's not a lot of art coming home lately because they're really into all the gross motor activities- we crawl on the floor like caterpillars and run around flapping our wings like butterflies pretty much every day.  They do still really enjoy the painting and so we do that some.  I tell you what, send home a big cocoon painted brown, and you'll get big sisters asking why they painted poop at school.
  • Speaking of a cocoon, O'Malley calls it a raccoon every time.  I sometimes correct him but I love it so much that I don't always.  He'll get it eventually.  Lady and Alice are starting to correct him so I don't have to, actually. 
  • I think we'll do caterpillar stuff for the rest of February and then kick off Dr. Seuss week in March.  His birthday is March 2 and there's lots of fun stuff to do!  Plus Alice and O'Malley both have upcoming birthdays too and it's fun to just celebrate for an extended period.
  • Oh!  And Ms. Mimmie is coming back to dance with us soon!  Everyone is very excited.  It's been a couple years since she did classes here but we've had great success in the past.

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